Sadie Howe

So In Love With You

Jennie Music Publishing Videos

Robert Mizzell

She's My Baby

Curt Ryle - Owner

Big Matador Recording

Steve Burnside
‚ÄčI Need Your Lovin'

Andy Martin

Such An Easy Conversation

Dave Sheriff

Don't Come Running Back To Me

Otis C. Truax
Even A Leaf

Amanda McCarthy


Brandon McPhee

The Bluebell Polka

David McLachlan

Why I Miss You Tonight

Hillcrest Artist Videos

Hillcrest Music Canada

Lexi Sims


Johnny Bush

You're The Break In My Heart

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Clelia Adams

My Baby's Love (Jessie's Song)

Vic Franklyn

She Didn't Even Say Goodbye

Rory Ellis

Another Woman Down