Dave Sheriff

Don't Come Running Back To Me

Bonita Mercer

Two-Steppin' Out On Me

Lonnie Spiker

All Her Memories Are in Ft. Worth

Sadie Howe

So In Love With You

Steve Burnside
‚ÄčI Need Your Lovin'

Don Allen

When Will We Learn

Glenn Reid

Shelter of Your Smile

Lucas Ciliberti


Lonnie Bartmess

Teenager With An M16

Andy Martin

Ashes In The Wind

Laural Mendes

Whatta Ya Say

Darnell Miller

Hinges On The Door

Clelia Adams

My Baby's Love (Jessie's Song)

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Otis C. Truax

Even A Leaf

Vic Franklyn

She Didn't Even Say Goodbye

Amanda McCarthy

Keeps On Coming

Curt Ryle - Owner

Big Matador Recording

Hillcrest Music Canada

Robert Mizzell

I'm Gonna Love You Through It

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Tony Smith

Fire Gazer