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Our Service Also Includes These Benefits

1. Your personal contact information printed on our CD insert sleeve.
2. Sample audio clip of your Hillcrest single posted on our website.
3. Your album cover photo and website link posted on our "Current Release" page.
4. Unedited "daily" airplay reports, charts and playlists.
5. Three (3) copies of the CD for your own personal use.
6. SoundCloud private online audio upload distribution platform for DJ's.

7. Link to your current YouTube video on the Hillcrest video page.
8. Follow-up Support.

Hillcrest Music Canada

$449.00 (Per Track) 
*Hillcrest compact discs are for promotional use only*

Not for sale or re-sale

Payment can be made by

E-transfer or Credit Card via PayPal

Payable to:

Jennie Music Co.

radio marketing service

A Few Of Our Satisfied Clients
Johnny Bush, Jeff Chance, Liz Anderson, Lynn Anderson, The Bobkatz,  Brian Dolph,

Robert Mizzell, Karen Wiltz, Jim Ed Brown, Lonnie Bartmess,  Collin Raye, Katie Grant, Don Allen,

Justin McGurk, Manson Grant,  Willie Nelson, Clelia Adams, Sherry Kennedy, Conny Lee,

Hermann Lammers Meyer, Ian Boyd, Mel Gibson, Hallur, Dave Sheriff, George Hamilton IV, Ann Pascoe,

Bonita Mercer, Donny Sawyer, Brandon McPhee, Wesley Parker, Andy Martin, Jeff Woolsey, Vannatta,

and many more.....