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Kind Words From A Few Clients

Hillcrest Music Canada

WOW! WOW! Ross, Congratulations yet again for all you do.
I have been speaking to many CM presenters recently and they often ask how I became associated with you, and what a brilliant partnership it has become for us both.  You have a great reputation here in Australia, and I for one, will keep spreading the news.
We'll crack the celebration champagne here for you tonight! much love, Clelia
Clelia Adams - Singer/Songwriter
New South Wales
Hi Ross ...
I just wat to say it is always a pleasure working with you.
Your advice and honesty is always the best that you can give.
You are a "Straight Shooter" a quote my Dad always used!
Lets keep it going Ross ...
Larry Vannatta - CANADA
Hey Ross,
"There is none in the biz better than Hillcrest!! And That's a Fact!!
Thank you for going the extra mile ... just like you always do.
It's a joy to work with you 'all!!"
Donny Richmond - USA  
G'day Ross ....
Honestly where do you find the talent?
In my opinion your compilations leave all the others for dead!
Keep up the good work Ross 'cos we down under appreciate good indie country music.
Philip Arnold
Radio Fremantle 107.9 FM

G'Day Ross ....
As you know we have and always will promote Hillcrest which Smoky and I have done for many years.
Hillcrest is the best Overseas promotional company for any artist to be on because of the high quality.
Our recommendation to the artists is highly regarded.  We know that all the Australian artists who are on your disc's are happy to be there.  Keep up the good work you do with your company Worldwide.
Paula Sheldrick
Port Macquarie, NSW
Great compilations from Hillcrest!
Thanks for sending them to us - you make a great job.
Thanks a lot ...
Birgit Walter
You offer a great collection of music. One of the best radio comps I've seen.
All tracks played time and again.  Thanks.
Griz Kitchener - "Honky Tonk Time Machine"
2GCR - FM 103.3
Goulburn, NSW

Ross ....
Recording artist Jeff Chance and I want to thank you once again for all your help.
It is clearly a prestige thing to be distributed by Hillcrest.
Sam Lee II
Music Master Records
Angleton, Texas, USA
Hi Ross
You deserve all the recognition you and Hillcrest receive.
You are fair, kind and honest man and I have been very proud to work with you.
I always sing your praises Ross and I never forget my friends.
Most Sincerely
Debbie Bergeron
Singer/songwriter (Canada)
Hello Ross ...
As an artist who has released with Hillcrest many times, congratulations Ross on all your achievements!
As well as being excellent at choosing the right song for the Hillcrest artists and the radio stations, you are very approachable and you are the one who helped me get my music career on the right path.
All the best from New Zealand Ross ...
Ann Pascoe
Recording Artist & TLC Radio Presenter - New Zealand

Hey Ross ...
WOW!  What can we say Ross, Hillcrest is SIMPLY THE BEST!!!
No other company compares to the service provided by Hillcrest ... the chart results speak for themselves.
Congratulations to all of the Hillcrest artists on the charts, the best is yet to come!
Thank you again Ross for all the work you do on behalf of the artists around the world.  Your hard work and dedication is most appreciated.
Your friend,
Brian Dolph - Singer / Songwriter
Cafe Music Group - Canada
Hi Ross ...
The only words I have at the present moment are Unbelievable, Awesome, and for Real!!
Thank you for your guidance and expertise in song choices for your amazing Hillcrest disc.  Just Outstanding!
Wonderful to work with Kim and I - we are both just over the moon down here in New Zealand.
A BIG thank you goes out to all the radio stations who support us and give us Airplay on their shows.
Kind regards,
Annette Hawkins - Recording Artist - New Zealand
Thanks to Ross Allen and Hillcrest ...
It is incredible to be on the world map even though we are only a small piece of the universe.  Thanks to Hillcrest, the media here on the island and elsewhere seems to have a huge interest in my music now!
We are currently planning a tour which will cover most of Northern Europe.
I am eternally grateful for everything you have done for me Ross, and I thank you with all my heart.
Bless you my friend,
Hallur Joensen - Faroe Islands
Hi Ross ...
Another great compilation from Hillcrest.  You are way ahead of the others Ross when it comes to putting a multi-artist compilation CD together.  Keep up the great work.
Your DJ friend at 2WAY FM 103.9 Australia
Paul Kirkman
Hello Ross,
Although I never have enough time to keep in touch with all the artists and providers of country music, I always appreciate and I especially like your Hillcrest product because of its very high quality plus most of the songs fit in with my program.  Most of your artists absolutely can compete with major label artists.  Plus I like your CD's since they introduce interesting artists from all over the world.
Best regards,
Alexa Zenner (Lexy)
Radio ARA - Luxemburg, Europe
Hello Ross,
What an excellent and informative site you have. Thanks to you and your team for the support of so many artists from such diverse parts of the world. I am sure, and I hope I speak for all the DJ's out there, you are the easiest team of people we communicate with. Without you and people like you, our shows would be dull and lifeless. Keep up the great work supplying such Artistry and Entertainment.
God Bless you all Ross ...
DJ Paddy (Australia)
“Yet again it is a pleasure to recommend the professional services of Ross Allen at Hillcrest Music in Canada for the amazing amount of time and effort he puts into his business, selflessly sacrificing his time in the pursuit of fame, fortune and recognition for aspiring singer songwriters and artistes of repute worldwide. It goes without saying that if you have a song to sell to the nation - Ross is your man. Go for it!!” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity!
Gill McGill - Belljar Records U.K.
Hi Ross, it is always great to find a new Hillcrest CD in my postal box at the studio. Thanks again and always a pleasure to give some of the songs airplay! Cheers from Germany, Olaf Mit freundlichen Grüßen Olaf Christiansen NEW COUNTRY-SHOW beim bermuda.funk "Chasin That Neon Rainbow" bermuda.funk Freies Radio Rhein-Neckar e.V. Alte Feuerwache Brückenstraße 2-4 68167 Mannheim Germany
“We have used Hillcrest to promote Susan Cattaneo's singles to world country radio. Thanks to the credibility and the quality of Ross' compilation, Susan's music was played all over Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. In addition, Susan's second single charted up to #6 in the European Country Music Association radio chart. We highly recommend Ross and his service.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity!
Dino Cattaneo - Jersey Girl Music USA.